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To make it absolutely clear - try to never use anything but sp or dp unless you absolutely have to. Using sp/dp will make your applications compatible with multiple screen densities and resolutions.

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Looking for someone reliable and trustworthy?

No matter how small or big your job, submit a non-obligatory Quotation Request.

One of the SP Connect Service Providers will respond with a quotation. Review the Service Provider’s Quotation, Profile and previous Work Reviews.

Select a Service Provider with the peace of mind that all Service Providers have a valid Security Clearance certificate.

Try it, it is free to use for both Customers and Service Providers.The Service Providers pay a small service fee, once the job has been completed and the customer has paid for the service.

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Gabrielle Johnson - SP Connect

Gabrielle Johnson

Operations/Product Manager

Gabrielle as the Operations/Product Manager is the glue that brings SP Connect together.
Gabrielle will manage developing connections between Service Providers and Customers going forward, to ensure client satisfaction.

Her goal and objective is to ensure that the SP Connect concept runs smoothly and to grow the SP Connect concept. If you have any queries, contact her via

Craig Johnson - SP Connect

Craig Johnson

SP Connect Founder and Managing Director

Craig recognised for a long time that it is incredible difficult in the South African context to find a trusted and recommended Self-employed Service Provider.

He also long recognised that at times, it is very difficult for these Service Providers to find customers. It is for this reason that the concept of SP Connect was created.

We trust that you will have great experience making use of SP Connect and will be back to use it again and again. Should you have any suggestions to improve the concept, please drop Gabrielle an email via

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