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  • What are the advantages of using SP Connect as a customer?

    As an SP Connect customer, you will have the opportunity to view our list of Service Providers and request and compare quotations.

  • What is the aim of this site?

    The Founders of SP Connect has long recognised that in today's climate in South Africa, it has become increasingly difficult to find a trusted Service Provider, at the right cost. It is for this reason that we have created this Online Platform.

    The aim of SP Connect is to connect Self-employed Entrepreneurs with Customers via an Online portal. The Online Portal makes available a Quotation Request system, Search and Communication tools to find an appropriate Service Provider, as well as providing a Service Review feature, post work completion.

  • Can I trust the Service Providers that I find through SP Connect and get access to testimonials and pictures of past work done?

    When you select a Service Provider via SP Connect, you will have the opportunity to review the Service Providers profile, which will include their experience, qualifications and a review of their services via a Review System, which includes comments of previous service, completed by customers, just like you.

  • As a Customer, how much do I pay to use SP Connect and how does the Payment system work?

    There is no cost to register with SP Connect, as well as no cost to submit Quotation Requests. The SP Connect service is completely free of charge for Customers.

    Once you submit a Quotation Request, this will be sent to an appropriate amount of Service Providers, as determined by you, who are providing a service in your service area. The Service Providers will respond via the quotation based system
    Please ensure that you take note of the Quotation conditions, as this may require a deposit, prior to the start of work.
    The payment of the deposit and/or completed work will be managed via the Online Portal.

    Once the work has been completed, you will be prompted to carry out the payment via the Payment Gateway.

  • How secure is my data/information on the site?

    SP Connect has engaged the services of an extremely professional Web Developer to ensure that your data is kept secure behind a Firewall and encrypted.
    Your Banking details will not be kept by SP Connect or the Web Developers. We have engaged a 3rd party Supplier to manage all Payments, on behalf of SP Connect. This will all be managed in accordance with our Data Privacy Policy. Please refer to the link on the Home page to gain access to the Privacy Policy.

  • Who do I contact if I have a complaint about work conduct or services provided by a Service Provider via SP Connect?

    As a Customer, you will have an opportunity to review the Services provided by a Service Provider that you have contracted to provide a service in response to your Quotation Request.
    In addition, if you feel that a Service Provider has violated the Terms and Conditions of the Site, please contact SP Connect at:
    We will investigate and provide feedback of our findings.

  • What is the purpose of Recurring Jobs and how does it work?

    If you require a job to be conducted on an ongoing basis, such as Au-pair, Caring, Cleaning or Gardening services, you can submit a Quotation Request, with a ‘Recurring’ option. Indicate in the Quotation Request ‘description’ field, as to the frequency of when you would like the work to be carried out.

    When the request for payment is requested by the Service Provider and you are comfortable with carrying out payment, please pay without indicating that the Job is complete. Only indicate that the Job is complete, once there is no longer a requirement for the Work.

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