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  1. SP Connect commitment:

    For the purpose of the South African Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013, which promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies, SP Connect (PTY) LTD is committed to protecting the privacy of your information.

    We recognize that privacy is of utmost importance, and operate our company with protecting your sensitive personal information in mind. SP Connect’s Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") is designed to provide a clear understanding of the information we collect and how we use it to provide users (both Service Providers and Customers), with a better experience.

  2. Applicability and User consent:

    The Privacy Policy applies to users of and any affiliated Websites, Web pages and Mobile applications, referred to as the "Site", including those Customers who are seeking to find a Service Provider through SP Connect, as well as Service Providers who are looking to promote their services through SP Connect.

    For purposes of this Agreement, the terms "We," "Us," "Our" and ''SP Connect'' refer to services of 'SP'.
    "You" refers to you, as a user of SP and the various services that SP Connect provides ("Services").

    By using the Site and or the Services, you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information and other information as described in this Privacy Policy.

  3. Information categories:

    At SP Connect, we categorise information onto two key categories, namely: "Personal Information" and "Non-Personal Information", which applies to Users of the SP Connect services, such as Visitors, Service Providers and Customers.
    In this policy, "Personal Information" is information that personally identifies you, such as your name and email address, and information that is linked to information that personally identifies you.
    "Non-Personal Information" is information that does not personally identify you and is not linked to information that personally identifies you and includes passively collected information about your activities on our site, such as anonymous usage data.

  4. Personal information:

    Personal Information you voluntarily provide to us about yourself in writing on the Site or by email, regardless of whether you are a Site Visitor, a Registered Service Provider or Customer. All Personal Information that you provide to us when registering, requesting a quotation, posting a profile, or that you otherwise provide to us on the Site or by email will be stored by SP Connect’s nominated Web Service Provider.
    You may provide us this Personal Information in various ways, including:

    1. Personal Information Provided by Registering as a User:

      When you register directly through SP Connect, we will collect and store the information that you provide to us directly on our online forms. Information including, but not limited to, the following to the extent provided:

      • First and last name
      • Email address
      • Business name (if applicable)
      • Contact phone number
      • Profile picture
      • Location (i.e. city)
      • Banking Details (for Service Providers only)

      If you are registered as a Customer, credit card type, number, expiration date, and security code as well as your billing address details that is required for payment purposes, will not be stored by SP Connect. The customer will be prompted for these details by SP Connect’s trusted partner, Paygate, who specialise in the protection of this level of personal detail.

    2. Personal Information Provided when Registered Customers post a Quotation Request / Quotation:

      We collect and store additional information which registered customers provide to us on your job posting, including but not limited to:
      The type of work you are looking for, description, schedule, location, requirements for specialised Service Providers, such as Carers, Architects, Builders etc.

      • Pictures, you choose to provide
      • Health information, if you choose to provide it
      • References, if you choose to provide them
    3. Personal Information Provided when registered Service Providers create/update a Profile

      We collect and store all the additional information which Service Providers provide to us in their profile, including but not limited to:

      • Details regarding the Service you offer, your availability, your location, your qualification,
      • Official identification
      • Related services you provide
      • Pictures, you choose to post
      • References, if you choose to provide them
    4. Personal Information otherwise provided through the Site or by Email.

      Both Members and Site Visitors may choose to provide us additional Personal Information by email. We collect and store all of the Personal Information you provide to us through these channels.
      Members may post Personal Information on the Site through other site features and offerings including SP Connect online communications platform that Registered Users may use to communicate with one another.
      SP Connect captures and stores all of the reviews, exchanges, and references that are carried out on its Site.

    5. Information provided through the Site by Visitors (non-registered members).

      In some cases, Site Visitors may have the ability to provide us Personal Information through the Site, such as contact information. SP Connect may capture and collect the information that Site Visitors may provide.

    6. Verification Checks

      In order to increase the quality of our service and to further develop trust amongst our users, SP Connect may conduct verification checks to our registered Service Providers.

      By agreeing to this privacy policy and SP Connect’s terms of use, you agree to allow SP Connect to perform verification checks as described above. No further consent from you is required for this verification check to be performed.

  5. Non-Personal Information

    In addition to the Personal Information you voluntarily provide to SP Connect, in an effort to improve the quality of SP Connect service, we record and process information provided to us by your browser when you view the site, such as the web site you came from (known as the “referring URL”), what keywords drove traffic to the Site, the type of browser you use, and the time and date of access. We may assign you a unique identifier, which may be correlated with your Personal Information if you are a registered Member. As is the case with most websites, we collect this information passively from all visitors to the site, whether or not they are registered Members who have also provided Personal Information in direct interactions with SP Connect. We do so through various mechanisms, including:

    1. Cookies

      SP Connect may send one or more cookies to your computer that uniquely identify your browser. A cookie is a small text file composed of alphanumeric characters, including an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to a user’s browser from our servers and is stored on the user’s computer hard drive. Doing so allows us to administer and customize our service and to better understand, on an aggregate basis, how users interact with our Site. For example, SP Connect may use cookies to compile the following information:

      • The number of times a user views a website page
      • The type of service a User would search for
      • The links on the Site that a User clicks

      Users are able to control their browser settings to limit the collection of cookies by SP Connect. The controls available to you will depend upon the browser you use, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Firefox Mozilla. However, if you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of the Site. For example, we require that you have cookies enabled to enrol in our service or to log in to your account. We do not store any personally identifying information in cookies.

    2. Tracking Pixels/Web Beacons

      We and/or our third party affiliates may employ "tracking pixels" (also referred to as "web beacons") to count the number of users that visit a page on our Site that includes these tracking pixels. Tracking pixels are used to analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to better understand the way that users interact with our Site. These tracking pixels do not identify individual users and analysis of data obtained by these tracking pixels is performed on an aggregate basis. One of the third parties we use for this purpose is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides an opt-out option, which can be found here.

    3. Tracking of Non-Personal Information by Third Party Advertising Companies

      We may also use third party advertising companies, such as Google, to serve or track ads on our web site and other web sites. These companies may use passively collected information about your visits to SP Connect and other web sites in order to measure advertising effectiveness and to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you. Each of the third-party advertising companies we work with is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative. If you prefer not to receive these ads or offers, you may opt-out here:

      Please allow up to 10 days for the opt-out to take effect. Please also note that in order for the opt-out to work your browser must be set to accept third party cookies. Furthermore, if you buy a new computer or mobile device, change web browsers or delete the opt-out cookie, you will need to perform the opt-out task again. To find out more about the use of cookies and the information-gathering practices and opt-out procedures of Google specifically, please click here.

  6. How we use information
    1. Personal Information

      In general, the Personal Information we collect is used:

      (1) To enhance your experience with SP Connect by, among other things, allowing you to more easily find the Service Provider you are looking for.
      (2) To enable us to provide a safer community for all of our Members, and
      (3) To help us communicate with you. For example, we use it to contact users in response to questions, solicit feedback and input from users, provide technical support, and to inform Members about product or promotional offers. We may also use it to serve more customized advertising. In addition, we use your Personal Information to:
      • Connect you with Service Providers that appear to meet your needs and preferences.
      • Register and service your account, contact you in response to questions, and solicit feedback and input from you (for example: via email surveys).
      • Enable Service Providers and Customers to search based on the Personal Information you have made available on the Site, and the information others have provided about you so that they can better find matches.
      • Determine the suitability of Members to participate in SP Connect. SP Connect reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual in its sole discretion for any or no reason. Among other things, we may refuse or terminate membership based on the results of any identity checks, verification checks, or Customer/Registered Users complaints. SP Connect may also use a Member’s IP address to determine what country they are coming from, which may impact whether they qualify for SP Connect membership.
      • Target promotional messages or content on the Site, via email or other ads on SP Connect or third-party sites.
    2. Information Collected Passively from Computers Visiting or Interacting with SP Connect:

      In general, we use information collected passively from your computer to help us improve SP Connect products and services and customize the user experience, such as provide targeted useful advertising based on the type of service you seek. For example, if you visit SP Connect and search for Home Improvement, we may show you a banner ad on another site. We also aggregate the information collected via cookies and web beacons to use in statistical analysis to help us track trends and analyse patterns in the use of SP Connect.

  7. How we share information

    We may share your information with various third parties, as described below. Please review our sharing policy closely, especially with respect to your Personal Information. By using our Site or our Services, you agree to allow us to share the Personal Information you provide to us in the ways described below. Your ability to make changes to what information is shared is described below:

    1. Personal Information: SP Connect Registered Users (Customers):

      In order to increase your chances of finding the Service Provider that you require, we share all of the information, aside from your contact information, that you include in a Quotation Request with Service Providers.
      With certain exceptions, you choose how much detail you want to include in either your Quotation Request/Quotation or your Profile; the more information you share, however, the better chance you have of finding a Service Provider that meets your requirements.

    2. Personal Information: SP Connect Registered Users (Service Providers):

      In order to increase your chances of your Quotation being accepted by Customers, we share all of the information, aside from your contact information, that you include in your response to a Quotation request.
      With certain exceptions, you choose how much detail you want to include in either your Quotation response or your Profile; the more information you share, however, the better chance you have of the quotation being accepted by a customer.

    3. Personal Information: SP Connect 3rd party Service Providers:

      We also share Personal Information with 3rd Party Service Providers who are performing services for SP Connect on behalf of SP Connect, including without limitation, 3rd Party Service Providers who provide email services, 3rd Party Service Providers who provide demographic information, 3rd Party Service Providers who process credit card payments, 3rd Party Service Providers who provide geo-location information, 3rd Party Service Providers who run classified advertising businesses, and 3rd Party Service Providers who send SMS messages to Registered Users cell phone numbers, in each case to the extent applicable. SP Connect has selected 3rd Party Service Providers who maintain high standards with respect to privacy and agree to only use the Personal Information to perform a specific service on behalf of SP Connect.

    4. Personal Information: Listings in Google and Other Public Search Engines, and on third party websites

      In an effort to further facilitate the ability of the Customer to find an appropriate Service Provider or a Service Provider to receive Quotation Requests/Quotations, selected information contained in job postings and registered User Site profiles, which may include photo, name, Provider description, may also be shared with third party search engines and other vendors who run classified advertising businesses, or with third party websites, and thus may be listed in third party web site search results (e.g., Google), and on third party websites which would make that information available to the public and allow them to link to your SP Connect profile posting.

  8. Disclosure by Law

    You acknowledge and agree that we may disclose information we’ve collected about you, if required to do so by law or if we, in our sole discretion, believe that disclosure is reasonable to

    (1) Comply with the law, requests or orders from law enforcement agencies, or any legal process (whether or not such disclosure is required by applicable law);
    (2) Protect or defend SP Connect or a third party’s, rights or property; or
    (3) Protect someone’s health or safety, such as when harm or violence against any person (including you) is threatened.
  9. Our affiliates

    You acknowledge and agree that we may disclose any of the information we’ve collected about you to any of our affiliates or subsidiaries, for the purposes of providing you with the Services, operating the Site, and our other commercial purposes.
    When we disclose your information to our affiliates, we do so on the basis of our own high standards of data security and respect for your privacy.

  10. With your consent

    We also may share your Personal Information with a third party if you consent to the sharing, as follows:

    1. Information Passively Collected from Your Computer:

      This Privacy Policy does not limit our use or disclosure of any information passively collected from your computer via cookies, web beacons, or standard logging of website activity. If you do not wish to share this information with SP Connect, then you should take steps to limit the passive collection of data about your activities on our site, for example, by changing your browser settings to disable cookies, and opting out of information sharing at We reserve the right to use and disclose such Non-Personal Information to our partners, advertisers, and other third parties at our discretion.

    2. Business Transaction:

      In the event we go through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your Personal Information may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge and consent that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Privacy Policy, and that any acquirer of ours or that acquirer’s assets may continue to process your Personal Information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

  11. Your rights regarding the sharing and modification of your personal information
    1. Options Regarding the Sharing of Your Personal Information

      Registered Users of SP Connect, both Service Providers and Customers, do not have the right to opt-out of sharing information with our vendors or service providers. SP Connect Users do have control over what optional Personal Information they choose to share with us in an effort to make themselves more marketable to Registered Customers (such as pictures, certain details in a job description or profile, etc.). In addition, Members may opt out of having their approximate residence location (through Google map plotting visible to Customers by sending us an email at: with your Registered name, email address and your request. If you wish to change or remove Personal Information, you may do so as described below.

      Members also have control over what information, if any, is shared with third party web sites to be listed in third party search engine results (such as Google.) You may send an email to: to opt out of your information being shared in them at all. Your email must include your Registered name, email address and your request.

      Your opt out preferences will take effect within 10 business days of receipt of your request.

    2. Changing or Removing your Personal Information

      If your personally identifying information changes, you may update this information by contacting If you no longer wish to participate in our service you may contact and request that your account be closed.

  12. How we protect information

    While there is no practical way to absolutely assure the security of information you supply us, we have implemented industry-recognized safeguards to protect your information from unauthorized access. These safeguards include:

    • SP Connect uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the industry standard method for computers to communicate securely without risk of manipulation or recipient impersonation. We utilize SSL in the online registration process, in the login process, and in the account management section of the Site.
    • SP Connect uses strong encryption technology to protect sensitive information.
    • SP Connect employs firewalls and system monitoring to protect against unauthorized access of our systems.

    User accounts are also password protected and as such, we highly recommend that you deploy appropriate steps to keep your password safe. If you feel your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately by logging into your account and visiting the “Update Profile” section. After you have finished using the Site, you should log out the SP Connect account and exit your browser.

    While we deploy these precautions to protect your information against security breaches, this unfortunately is not a guarantee that such information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of such firewalls and secure server software. By using the SP Connect site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.

  13. Your communications choices

    By becoming a SP Connect Member, you are consenting to receive certain email communications from us, including newsletters, special offers, and customer surveys.

    You have a right at any time to stop us from contacting you for marketing purposes. If you receive promotional communications from us, you will be able to indicate a preference to stop receiving further promotional communications from us and will have the opportunity to “opt-out” by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the promotional e-mail. You also have a right to opt-out of advertising from the third party advertising companies SP Connect works with.

    Please note that despite any indicated email marketing preferences, we may send you administrative emails regarding SP Connect, including, for example, notices of updates to our Privacy Policy, if we choose to provide such notices to you in this manner.

  14. Links to other web sites

    SP Connect may provide links to other web sites that we believe may be of interest to our users. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by those web sites, nor are we responsible for the information or content they contain. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by us through SP Connect; thus when you use a link to go from our web site to another third party web site, this policy is no longer in effect. We encourage our users to read the privacy statements of these other web sites before proceeding to use them.

  15. Changes to our privacy policy

    SP Connect reserves the right to change this policy and our Terms of Service at any time. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat Personal Information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your account, or by placing a prominent notice on our site, so that you can choose whether to continue using our service. Significant changes will go into effect 30 days after we notify. Non-material changes or clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting of the updated policy on our Site. You should periodically check the Site for updates.

  16. Contact us

    If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy, you can contact us via email at:

For any queries, send us an email on:

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